Can you bring in your books from home? 
Yes. There is not a limit on what you can bring in. However keep in mind that their may be a limit to what certain author sign.

When can I meet my favorite author? 
Schedule Coming soon!

What time will my favorite author be signing?
Schedule Coming soon!

Who can come?
Everyone is invited to the HOUSTON BOOKRAVE. However, in the NA/Adult party sessions we require that you be at least 18 years of age or be accompanied by a parent to enter. Staff members are required to ask for ID if they suspect someone doesn't meet the age requirements.

When can I buy books?
For the traditionally published books you can buy them from the sponsoring book store on site.
For self published books you will have to visit them at their tables when they are set to sign books.

How can I buy the books there?
There are two ways to buy your books.
1)  The sponsoring book store will be providing most of the books there at the event. You can pay with both cash or credit card.
2) Our self published authors will be selling their books at the signing table. Some don't have a way of charging a credit card so I recommend you bring plenty of cash.

How much money should I bring?
A LOT! LOL. We will be selling raffle tickets, souvenirs and some self published books by cash only.   

Should I bring cash or credit/debit card?

Is parking free?

How do I get there?

Can anyone book a room at the Hobby DoubleTree Hilton?
Yes. A discounted rate is available. Visit our Official Hotel Page.

How far away is the airport to the hotel?
Across the street.

Can I use the HBR logo to print on a shirt, hat, bag, buttons etc?
No. Please do not use any of our logos or graphics for any personal items without permission.

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