Subject to change..

AJ Warner
Ann Marie Frohoff
Ashley Beale  
Ava Wood
C. Michelle
D.L. Raver
Daryl Banner
Dawn Pendleton
Elizabeth Reyes
Erin McCarthy
Erin Noelle 
Felicia Lynn
Harper James
Jay Crownover 
Jay McLean 
Jennifer L Armentrout
Jennifer Miller 
KJ Bell
L.B. Simmons
Lisa Desrochers
M. Clake / Mary Ting
Monica Murhpy
Nikki Narvaez 
R.S. Grey
S.L. Scott 
Selena Laurence
SM Donaldson 
Stacey Lynn 


  1. Will you be updating the list if more authors sign up.. I know of an author who signed up and she is not listed?